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Interstate 90
Camera Location
Montana State Line 0.1 miles south of the Montana State Line (mm 0.1)
Ranchester 0.88 miles south of Ranchester (mm 9.88)
Dietz POE 2.43 miles north of Sheridan (mm 16.5)
Sheridan Inside Sheridan city limits (mm 25.3)
New CameraSouth Sheridan Inside Sheridan city limits (mm 26.7)
Pompey Creek 6.07 miles south of Sheridan (mm 35.3)
Sheridan/Johnson County Line 12.1 miles south of Sheridan (mm 41.33)
Piney Creek 15.47 miles south of Sheridan (mm 44.7)
Kearny Divide 16.1 miles south of Sheridan (mm 45.33)
I 90 / I 25 Interchange Located at the I-25/I-90 Interchange (mm 56.7)
Buffalo Located at the I-25/I-90 Interchange (mm 56.8)
Indian Creek Road 0.47 miles west of Indian Creek Exit 82.8 (mm 83.3)
Mile Marker 108 14.27 miles west of Gillette (mm 108)
Gillette Inside Gillette city limits (mm 128.1)
Inyan Kara 1.59 miles west of Inyan Kara Exit 172 (mm 170.51)
Sundance West 3.2 miles west of Sundance (mm 183.24)
Sundance POE Located at East Sundance Exit 189 (mm 189)
Sundance East 2.6 miles east of Sundance (mm 190.4)
Moskee Road 5.3 miles east of Sundance (mm 193.1)
Beulah Located at Beulah Interchange Exit 205.9 (mm 205.9)

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